Why use an attorney for incorporation of your Corporation or your Limited Liability Company (LLC) organization?


Business LawBottom line, using an attorney to incorporate your new Coroporation or organize your new Limited Liability Company provides advice and the documents that you need to start your business.

Incorporation services and document filing services do not provide advice, and we often see clients who have used an incorporation service or set up their own entity and had one or more of the following problems:

  • Picked the wrong kind of entity for their needs
  • Picked the wrong tax classification for their needs
  • Set up a new entity and then didn't manage it properly, losing their limited liability
  • Received a bunch of papers and didn't know what to do with them * Set up an entity in another state and didn't register it properly in the state(s) in which they are doing business

We meet with each client, discuss their particular situation, and guide them through the organization process to protect their assets, minimize taxes, and keep them in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.


Do It Yourself

Incorporation Service


Our Firm

Advice on choice of entity  
Advice on tax classification  
File Articles with State (Generic) (Custom) (Custom)
Obtain Tax ID Number (Generic) (Custom) (Custom)
Registered Agent Service  (Additional Fee) (Additional Fee) (First Year Included)
Bylaws, Operating Agreement, etc.  (Generic) (Custom) (Custom)
Shareholder Agreements   (Custom) (Custom)
Instructions on Local Business Licenses, Taxes   (Some)
Custom Company Seal & Certificates (Maybe, with extra fee) (Some)
Ongoing Advice on Contracts, Employees, etc.   (Most)
Comprehensive Tax Advice   (Some)
Discounted Retainer Options   (Some)
Personal service by phone and e-mail   (Some)
Referrals to other professionals (accountants, insurance agents, etc.)  


Incorporation or LLC Organization is just the first step

After setting up your entity, most business owners need help with many additional documents to make their business successful, ensure that they are not opening themselves up to any undue personal liabililty, and protect the value of the business that they have created. We can assist you with issues such as:

  • Contracts with customers
  • Contracts for suppliers and independent contractors
  • Employee contracts, employment manuals, and employment law compliance
  • Commercial lease negotiation
  • Collections

A Comprehensive Network of Professionals

In addition to an attorney, your business may need an accountant, insurance agent, banker, etc. We have many great contacts and can help you find the complete team of professionals to make your business succeed.

Please review our business packages, and contact us to schedule your initial consultation.